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Hulls system of learning is acclaimed and remembered for putting forward a most systematic, scientific and mathematical theory of learning.

* Hull's theory rejected the trigger-like mechanism of stimuli-response advocated by Thorndike and introduced the concept of intervening variables between S and R.the things within the individual definitely act and react with what is received in terms of stimuli from the external environment before emitting of an overt response.he termed the environmental influences upon the individual as 'inputs',and his responses as 'outputs',and what goes from the individual as 'processes'.

* Hull's theory attached sufficient importance to the needs,drives,incentives,reinforcement and adequate motivation for achieving satisfactory results in the process of teaching and learning.

* Hull's theory tried to extend the concept of reinforcement was considered only in terms of rewards and satisfaction but Hull stated that to escape pain or punishment or to reduce need is also a kind of reward helps in reinforcement.

*Hull's theory laid great emphasis on the formation of good habits as a means of the learning of desirable behavior .In practice ,Hull reduced the art of the learning to mere habit formation and its proper reinforcement.
* Hull's theory emphasized the need for proper rest and other measure to reduce the ill-effects of fatigue in any act of learning .the principle of work and appropriate rest ,may thus be said to have evolved as a result of the experimental findings of this theory.

* Hull's system of learning advocated the following chain sequence for improved results in the teaching-learning process:

Drive:-this is something which is needed by the learner in order to behave or respond.
Cue:-There must be something to which the learner must respond.
Response:-The learner must be made to respond or do something in order to learn some act.
Reward:-The learners response must be reinforced or rewarded,thus enabling him to learn what he wants to learn.

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  1. This is a good synthesis of a complex theorist like Hull. I've read the other relative archives. Thank you again. I find this information very useful.