Sunday, February 8, 2009



* If one wants to learn something, one should prepare oneself for it by first understanding fully its importance.An instructor or a teacher , on the other hand ,in order to teach effectively,must try to prepare the learner by bringing the mechanism of motivation into play.

* Whatever we want to learn or teach, we must first identify the aspects which are to be remembered and those which may be forgotten. after this, we may try,to strengthen the links or connections between the stimuli and responses of those things which are to be remembered, through repetition, trill and reward. for forgetting , the connection should be weakened through disuse and unpleasant results .

* What is being taught or learnt at any one time should be linked with the past experiences and learning on the one hand and with the future learning on the other ,in order to benefit from the mechanism of association, connection or bonds in the process of learning .

* The learner should try to see the similarities and dissimilarities between the different kinds of responses to stimuli and by comparison and contrast try to apply the learning from one situation to another similar situations.

* The learner should be encouraged to do his task independently. He must try various solutions of the problems before arriving at correct one. But in every case he should be careful not to waste his time and energy by proceeding blindly repeating his mistakes.

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