Monday, February 2, 2009



· The human fears and superstitions are developed in an individual due to conditioning. The pupil’s fears, bad habits and blind belief can be avoided through conditioning.

· The new learning materials are associated with the past learning and the students should be allowed to utilise and associate their past experience with the new materials.

· This theory is most helpful in teaching of language to small children. Teachers should associate the sound with the actual object by using audio visual aids.

· This theory emphasizes the idea of continuity, similarity and contrast as the factors of association in a learning situation.

· Montessori system is based on this theory.

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  1. Respected vanitha,
    I saw your all learning theories. These always very short way learning system for all educational and psychology students. Maximum educational people like this system.
    That way you will create lot of innovative educational blogs. Same time all theories learning matter is impossible. Don't mistake me it's not negative comment. Thank you madam.